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Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Up and running with the SharePoint 2010 Public Beta

Although, I am late by few weeks, I started with the installation for SharePoint 2010 Public Beta last week. Although, I have been following and reading lot of stuff on SharePoint 2010 in last few months. Installation was pretty neat. Very good experience as compared to SharePoint 2007 beta.

Although, I missed on installing the prerequisites through the setup and started running the prerequisites on my own. After running the required all the prerequisites, setup kept on giving me the error for 'Windows Server Features or Role Services required by the product are not enabled'. ( Attached snapshot). I tried multiple things - enabled the role services on the server.

I ran the SharePoint 2010 prerequisites which added administration roles. After that SharePoint 2010 installation was pretty straight forward. Way to go …

I am planning to share lot of technical details on different areas of SharePoint 2010 in next few weeks.


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