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Thursday, January 14, 2010

SharePoint 2010 - SharePoint Designer settings

Microsoft Office SharePoint Designer is a free WYSIWYG HTML editor and web design program from Microsoft for SharePoint and other websites and is part of the SharePoint family of products. It is part of the Microsoft Office 2007 & 2010 family.

In SharePoint 2010, administrators would be able to control usage of SharePoint Designer in their environment. Now several administration controls and commands help channel SharePoint Designer into the right hands and onto the right pages. There are following settings available for SharePoint Designer administrator :
  • De-activate SharePoint Designer entirely (but only if it's absolutely necessary!)
  • Disable unghosting of web pages
  • Turn off master page editing
  • Lock the URL of a web site

These settings are available at following places -

  1. Central Administration : 'General Application Settings' group ( below snapshot )

  • On clicking of 'Configure SharePoint Designer Settings' link, product displays the SharePoint Designer settings at webapplication level. ( Below Snapshot ). At webapplication level, all the settings are enabled. Farm Administrators can change their settings at the webapplication level. If SharePoint Designer is disabled at the webapplication level, it also disables the usage at all the containing sitecollections.

2. In Site Settings page in Site Collection : Under 'Site Collection Administration' group.

On clicking of 'SharePoint Designer Settings' link, product displays the SharePoint Designer settings at sitecollection level. ( Below Snapshot ).

SharePoint Designer Groups - Furthermore, a new permission group, called Designer, helps target those users who really need SharePoint Designer.


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