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Sunday, October 05, 2008

SharePoint Custom View Actions

Posted a new article on CodeProject to add two new actions on Toolbar for SharePoint lists.

Although, both of these functionalities are available out-of-box, but having these links on the toolbar itself, improves user productivity.

With respect to technical implementation -

  1. For action 'Creating new view, replicating existing view' : Used out-of-box application page 'viewnew.aspx'.
  2. For action 'Delete current view' : Added new application page and deleted the view using SharePoint Object model. However, discovered a issue with SharePoint object model. While deleting the view with object model, there is no check for default view. It deletes the default view also, which removes the list from the Quick Launch bar. Out-of-box Microsoft functionality, is making 'Delete' button visible true or false, on the frontend for ViewEdit.aspx, but it is not checked at the API level.

    For this custom action, I have checked for the default view, and changed the 'Action' Text accordingly.



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